Leadership Development – Coaching & Mentoring

Leadership is a critical component to business success. Studies in leadership show that critical to the success of any leader is the development of a high level of emotional intelligence (EQ), the ability to understand others while also regulating their own behaviour.

Though there are opportunities to contribute to growth through experiential learning and self-reflection in a workshop with colleagues, individual coaching is a distinctive process aimed at helping the ‘coachee’ achieve business results for their employer and personal growth for themselves.

The coach can provide candid and objective feedback with opportunities for active learning and a safe space to reflect on progress, and to nurture personal growth. The Take the Lead coaching process is an ongoing process that starts with building self-awareness before setting goals and strategies for action. The focus is to ensure that while the individual experiences learning, growth and behavioural change, the organisation benefits from the enhanced capability of their leaders.

Everyone wins when leaders get better. Everyone wins when you grow in self-awareness. Growing your Leadership engenders hope, courage, trust, vulnerability and candour. If you want to sharpen the ax of your leadership, expand your leadership capacity, contact Take the Lead.

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