Healthy Ageing Training

There are many benefits of physical activity and exercise.

This Programme has been designed to improve general fitness, general well-being, muscle strength, blood circulation and breathing, and mobility. A 6 hour practical workshop for care staff (both in care homes and in the community) explores risk factors for falls, the impact of falls, and falls prevention.

The value of physical activity is underscored, how to increase such activity, walking, getting started, warm up’s, and then a whole programme of 25 exercises focusing on flexibility, stretching, strengthening, balance and vision.  Barriers and motivators are explored, as well as how to overcome barriers. How do you help the elders you care for? What would an action plan look like and could this be incorporated into the elders’ care plan.

This practical course is accredited by Active Ageing Australia, with each participant receiving a certificate of attendance and a manual to refer to going forward.

Take the Lead is doing just this through its Healthy Ageing programme.

Take the Lead in Healthy Ageing with HELP (Home Exercise & Lifestyle Programme)

Healthy Ageing and older people is now an important conversation across the world because….

  • More of the same in aged care will not be good enough
  • Outdated stereotypes of older people no longer fit across the life course
  • Ageism – this is a social construct that has little psychological basis

The World Health Organisation has declared 2020-2030 the Decade of Healthy Ageing. The World Report on Ageing and Health is asking health care providers to adopt 3 key strategies for creating Healthy Ageing  (WHO 2015, p28)

  • Reduce the fitness gap,
  • Help individuals reach their potential
  • Prevent disability

Aged care settings and services should be designed to promote optimal physical and social engagement and thus combat more sedentary lifestyles. There is need for new systems for health care that are more in tune with the needs of older people. We must transcend outdated ways of thinking. We must foster a major shift in how we understand ageing & health, and strengthen the abilities of older people to thrive in their environment.

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