Collaboration And Partnership Development

Take the Lead is at the forefront of facilitating partnerships between organisations in different countries, by sharing the stories and needs of organisations around South Africa with others who share their values and passion.

Working relationships have been developed, and in some instances led on to exchanges and visits between countries.

The latest partnerships have been developed around the focus of healthy ageing in South Africa.

A partnership is formed at the EAHSA European conference in Lyon, France in 2016 with Stephen Cornellisen of Mercy Health, Australia and Jo Boylan of Southern Cross Care , Adelaide to help South Africa on their journey towards Healthy Ageing

Southern Cross Care in Adelaide, Australia, and Mercy Health, Melbourne, Australia both donated a fully fledged gym to two homes in SA – St Antonine’s old age home in Amakhazi, KwaZulu Natal, and Silwerkruin old age home in Wellington, Western Cape. Parallel to this Southern Cross Care shared training material with Take the Lead – living well, ageing well, and the HELP (Home Exercise and Lifestyle Programme), accredited by Active Ageing Australia, is being rolled out across South Africa – all through relationships that have been nurtured for the greater good. The Porthaven Care Homes Group in the UK have donated a Take the Lead mobility station to Sunnyside Park old age home in Pietermaritzburg, and are establishing relationship via skype between residents in the respective homes.

Global links need to be relational. This programme is about

  • building authentic relationships
  • developing friendships
  • exchanging stories, happenings, ideas
  • sharing triumphs and challenges, as well as
  • sharing resources, both material, financial and expertise

So if you would like to explore the possibility of a global partnership contact Take the Lead.

If your organisation would like to make a difference and reach out and support healthy ageing across South Africa by contributing to the cost of a mobility station or training for care staff, contact Take the Lead today.

Our Partners