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Take the Lead – living well, ageing well is a consultancy focusing on capacity building and leadership development in the care sector.
It offers individual and group leadership training and training on healthy ageing.

Leadership Development – Coaching & Mentoring

Leadership is a critical component to business success. Studies in leadership show that critical to the success of any leader is the development of a high level of emotional intelligence (EQ), the ability to understand others while also regulating their own behaviour.

Healthy Ageing Training‎

Healthy Ageing and older people is now an important conversation across the world because….

  • More of the same in aged care will not be good enough
  • Outdated stereotypes of older people no longer fit across the life course
  • Ageism – this is social construct that has little psychological basis

Collaboration & Partnership Development‎

Take the Lead is at the forefront of facilitating partnerships between organisations in different countries, by sharing the stories and needs of organisations around South Africa with others who share their values and passion. Working relationships have been developed, and in some instances led on to exchanges and visits between countries.

Provision Of Enabling Equipment – Ms4e – Mobility Station For Elders

The Mobility Station for Elders consists of Parallel Bars, Aerobic Step, Therabands, Stand with 4 different weights of medicine balls, and 4 sets of differently weighted dumb bells, together with a pedal block. Contact Take the Lead if you would like to order one, or if your organisation in support of healthy ageing in care homes in South Africa, would like to sponsor one for a care home that is under-resourced.


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